I've edited three different videos for Nemo Balkanski's graphic novel THE DELIVERER, and if I had to sum up my work in one word it would be parallax!

The first one is based on Mad Max's The Road Warrior original trailer. Each sequence is carefully matched, the voice over mimicked and, of course, Brian May's music brings everything together! (Watch it on VIMEO)

The second was used for the Kickstarter campaign and developped furthermore the unique tone of this apocalyptic graphic novel. Two musical themes were created, one mixing Johnny Cash's spoken words (The Man Comes Around) with Insomnia Clown's metally disturb guitar riffs, and the other, a dark piece, evocation of the grim nature of THE DELIVERER's content composed by yours truly. (Watch it on VIMEO)

The last one, called Radio Deliverer, is the musical companion to the book. Not a soundtrack per say, but more an indicator of Nemo's relation to music in his creative process. It also might gives some cues on how to feel this tale. (Watch/Hear it on VIMEO)